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Blog and site updates

As you may have noticed my blog's address has changed and it has been integrated into my site's design. The last theme was a blogger template, this is obviously the design from my site. Tell me what think of the new look for the blog.

I've also slightly updated the ColdFusion for Beginners guide that I wrote for Homer and Diane. I think I should revise it to cover basic HTML (which it assumed knowledge of) or write a basic HTML for beginners also.

While looking into the site, I also noticed most of my search driven traffic is to the C++ Twitter Objects using the Twitter REST API and the C Curl libraries. The objects could be used to write a very basic Twitter Client, and I suspect that is what most people are looking for; but they were really written to grab twitter information related to users after a facial recognition algorithm identifies a person. The idea being my robot (with remote communication to the "base station" -- laptop) will be able to know who is standing in front of it, and the image on the screen (or recorded) will show the time line or last post of the person the bot "sees". It might also tweet that it's seen someone, or suggest people it sees together in real space become "followers" or "friends" on Twitter or FaceBook. All that said, just so that I could say I'm thinking to rewrite the page, extending the libraries I've written for easier use in traditional clients, and switching to OpenAuth instead of the old REST API. Suggestions welcome.

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