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Letter's From Dad

I mentioned in a pervious post that I was writing Letters from Dad. Over the last week, I've written and delivered the letters to my wife and my mother. I admit that I broke a few of the "rules." They were typed, not hand written. My handwriting is horrible. I delivered them in conjunction with Mother's Day, but book suggests that it not be a "special day." Both letters were well received and both letters evoked tears from both sides.

I liked my letter to my wife better than the one to my mother. I suppose that's because I'm practiced in writing love letters to my wife, but haven't written my mother to thank them for everything she's done foe me. What out of all the years do you write about to your parents? The time they spent sleepless when you were baby, the school years, the college years, or all the things they've supported you in? I hope that my next letter to my mother is better written.

I still need boxes for my mother and daughter. My wife has a memory box already; but I'm not sure if my mother does or not. The letter to my daughter, the reason it's called "Letters from Dad," shouldn't be terribly difficult to write and will focus on our praying for Grace, her birth story, and our hopes and dreams for her.

Three letters a year to three recipients, that's 9 letters. Not to bad, I need to add them to my calendar so I know when a third of a year (four months) is past.

To get the conversation started, here are two questions. Feel free to comment with your answers:
  • What would you focus a thank you or love letter to your parents on?
  • What would you write in a letter to your now three month old, to leave as a legacy when you pass away?

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