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Twitter Libraries broken

I've been busy, having a young child does that to you. So does getting back into the ministry swing following a hiatus because of having a new child. Our church is also moving locations, and starting a capital campaign to build a permanent home. Then, there are some things going on related to work and future employment. A lot is going on, on all fronts, and this blog and my site fell by the way side a little bit. Here's just a quick update about the twitter libraries on my site.

The end of last month, Twitter was scheduled to shut off the old method of authentication, and allow only OpenAuth to verify users identities. As such, my C++ twitter library on my site should no longer work to post posts to twitter. It should still be able to consume someone's feed, as long as the feed is public -- the authentication is only needed for tweeting. There are no current plans for me to make it work.

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