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I'm back. Or is that finally here?

I haven't posted in a while, and I've basically ignored this blog for a long time now. Recently, however, I've begun to think I may have something worth while to say on a number of subjects that hold my interest. So, hopefully I will updating about once a week. Things that are related to code and programming will likely be cross posted to and/or UWM Web Developers Blog. I also plan to post about music, finances, books I'm reading, and parenthood among other topics.

Tonight I realized I haven't really had a lot of time to tell my wife how much I appreciate what yhe does around the house and in taking care of our new child. She is an amazing woman, and I am blessed to have her. She is asleep now as I am writing this, and even in the peace of sleep she looks like an angel to me. I want to find something I can do to show her how much all she does really is noticed and that I really am thank for it. I have added a few more paragraphs to my draft letter to her, the letter that is part of my "Letters from Dad."

I suppose I should tell you about Letters from Dad, because I will likely be mentioning it quite a bit in the next month or two. Author Greg Vaughn had a very rough time with the death of his father, and a lot of that seemed from the fact that his dad was very closed person. His father didn't talk about feelings, and never said "I love you." When he was going through his fathers things, that only thing he really for of his dad was a tackle box. He was upset that he didn't have anything really meaningful. So, he decided that he'd make sure his seven children had something that said how he felt. So, he started what is now "Letters from Dad," getting together with 14 of his friends, they wrote letters to the ones they loved so that when they pass, their family will have something to remember him by.

So, hearing the story and reading the book hit home for me. I've talked with the leader of the men's ministry at our church, and I think the fathers in our church might be doing this together; but, even if they don't I'll still be doing for my loved ones.

If your interested in it the book is called "Letters from Dad," it's by Greg Vaughn and their website is