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Do something about it.

Recently our pastor preached on when Elijah was by the Brook during the drought, in a sermon titled You Can't Make it Rain. He talked about how Elijah felt the drought when the ravens stopped bringing him food, and he had to wait patiently. The message being God will do things in His way and in His time. That God won't always give us what we want, in the way we want, when we want it. He will give us what we need, the way we need it, when we need it. He went on to say that if it seems our prayers are unanswered, that either what we are asking for is outside of God's will, or that we are being impatient or expecting God's blessing in the wrong form. The heart of the message was that we should trust in God, wait patiently and not lose faith.

There is another part to this, that our pastor didn't mention, and that is the fact that faith demands a response. If you pray believing in rain, then you should also prepare for rain, trusting in God to provide. There is a great part in Exodus that I read about recently in a blog post, that spoke about when Moses when fleeing Egypt, with a contingent of Egyptians on their tail. They were trapped between the Red Sea, and the coming army. Moses told the Israelites to “Be still, and cry unto God” and God rebuking Moses' command said “Go.” The point being don't sit around waiting for God, prepare for God to move. Don't “be still”, instead “act.” We sometimes mistake laziness with patience. We sometimes mistake fear with reverence. We sometimes mistake faithlessness for faith.

The Lord helps those who help themselves. So many times we pray, we complain, we belly ache about things that we have been given the ability to change. The Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” If we can do all things through Christ, then if where we want to go is within the will of God, then why do often sit and complain about it instead of doing something about it?

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