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Long Time no Post...

I'm sorry for the hiatus, but my life, in the words of Will Smith, was “flipped, turned upside down.” My wife and I had wanted a child since we were married. We prayed about it constantly. We were prayed over by our church and a visiting pastor in May of 2009. We were also looking into home ownership, and in June we found a house we liked and learned our prayers were answered. We closed on the house in July. With my wife pregnant, and the new financial commitments of a house and a baby on the way, we began to pray for help with being a good stewards over what God had provided. Our church began advertising it was going to hold a financial class by some radio personality. The timing fit well into everything, but I didn't want to pay $99 to attend a course without knowing a little more about this Dave Ramsey fellow. I read his book would be an understatement, I devoured it. I became a huge fan of Dave's, and we attended Financial Peace University (my wife reluctant at first, but soon came around).

My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter in January 2010. We decided that my wife would be staying home with our new daughter, as her pay would have basically just paid for childcare. The state began a 2% furlough which affected me being an employee of the University. I began to think maybe making a change made sense if I could find a company that I liked. I was listening to Dave's show online while I worked, and happened to hear a call that caught my ear. Dave mentioned that he was hiring web developers who write in the same programming language I write in for the University. So, I jumped at the chance to apply, thinking I wouldn't even get a friendly denial letter. Turns out, I was wrong. I went through 8 or 9 phone and Skype interviews, talked salary, and was scheduling the trip to do in person interviews – when I did the unthinkable. I withdrew my application for my dream job. That, by the way, was also when I stopped updating this blog.

So, why would one walk away from what promised to be their dream job? My family and church are here, and moving away from that support network was too hard for us. When we were earlier in the interviews, we thought it would be worth it. But, when the time came, we realized that our roots here are deeper than we thought. I was tears when I made the call, but I didn't want waste LAMPO Group's (Dave's) money or time after we decided to stay. So, I canceled the in person interview. But, there was something missing in my work. I had seen what it was like to do something that really mattered, and I couldn't resign myself to just doing a J-O-B anymore. This is when the hiatus began.

So, what has kept me sane with this new found drive for “work that matters”? What has been keeping me from posting on this blog? What has been keeping me up at night?

Working on Living Word's site and starting Giant Slayer Development. Taking first steps in using digital means to make the Gospel go viral.

I will be picking up the ten commandments series again as I start blogging again.

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