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Making Jesus go Viral.

Gutenberg's printing press brought God's word to the common man, in the common tongue. It was in an age when people thirsted for a new book and waited with baited breath for one to be printed every six months. Today, our generation has instant access to endless volumes of the world's accumulated knowledge. In minutes, they can look up just about any fact or figure. People are more connected than ever, and yet they are less connected than ever. Many people don't know the name of people just two doors down, but have regular conversations with people halfway around the world. The local church fights to remain relevant in an age of text-messaging teens and viral videos.

The Internet is a powerful network of people. Recently, a fourteen year old girl (Rebecca Black) made 14 million dollars in just a few days with one song (Friday). She reached over 2 million iTunes downloads, and nearly 53 million YouTube views. That's at least 57 million people who heard her message. What if her message was something more important than a teen trying to decide which seat to take in a car? What if all of those people were getting excited over baptisms instead of what day of the week it is? Now, imagine if those were downloads of a sermon recording, a Bible study or even a copy of the Holy Bible. The web is the greatest communication tool we have to spread ideas. That is my goal, make Jesus go viral and help the Gospel gain the same digital global reach as cute cat photos, inappropriately dressed Wal-Mart shoppers, Old Spice commercials and whatever the next trivial internet meme happens to be.

In that vein, I created Giant Slayer Development. Spread the word, so I can spread the word, to help churches spread The Word.

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