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Big Ideas

God gave man imagination, and from the imagination man's dreams are born. Most dreams die in the stage of being a dream. We are taught that most dreams are impossible, and we don't pursue them. All the great inventions of the world started as dreams that were seemingly impossible. How many times do you think the brothers Wright heard the phrase “If man was meant to fly, then why didn't God give them wings”, or how many times do think people recanted the story of Icarious? If God did not intend man to fly, I'd argue, then why did he allow man to dream of soaring through the sky.

A dream is only the first step. After the dream you have to clarify your goals into a more concrete idea, ask yourself “what is this thing going to look like in reality?” After you know what you want to, you have then develop a vision of how you are going to get there. Only then can really start turning dreams into goals.

So, you've got a dream, and someone has told you that it is impossible. The same God who gave you dreams, can do anything, and with Him you can do the impossible. If your goal is Godly, if you're doing for the right reasons and it is where God really wants you to be, then you can overcome and be victorious. Winston Churchill once said:

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Big Ideas for Giant Slayer Development

I recently got a few big ideas, that is dreams. I've mentioned here about how I was called to start Giant Slayer Development, but I haven't had a chance to talk about the non-profit I have a dream to spin off from it. One of the features that is planned for system I am building is a prayer wall and prayer diary. I also plan to allow the church to allow their members to share their prayer to a central location on another site. So there will be one site that has prayer requests shared from many churches around the country. This will mean each prayer will have more people praying for it than any one site can unite in a common prayer. I was afraid my wife would think the idea was silly, but when I told her about it she asked, “What if the site took on the task of being part of the body of Jesus Christ? What if people could provide real help to those with needs, in addition to prayer? Scripture says that we are the hands and feet. You know like that Casting Crowns song 'We are the Body'.”

Whoa. Of course.

So, eventually I plan to have a page where visitors can submit prayer requests that will also consolidate parishioner's prayer requests from churches using Giant Slayer Development's software and will enable people to volunteer to help people in their hour of need. The details still need to be ironed out, the prayer part of Stone's Throw CMS needs to be written and then the prayer site needs to be built... But, that is one of the places I've been called to take this dream turned business I've named Giant Slayer.

Inspiration for Unity

Two days ago, another big idea came to me, or rather I was inspired to recreate someone else's big idea. I saw the TED presentation about a virtual 2,000 voice choir, and it inspired me. Hopefully it inspires you, also. My new dream is to have Christians from around the world unite in singing Amazing Grace, and speaking the Lord's Prayer. Imagine a united voice to praise Christ that ignores the artificial divisions of denomination, politics and country borders.

I will be posting sheet music, lyrics, a video on YouTube explaining the project, and other resources on Easter Sunday. There will also be a Twitter hash-tag and a FaceBook page for the project, so people who participate can talk to each other. I encourage churches' praise teams, choirs and maybe even whole congregations to join in. Just part of the goal: Make Jesus go Viral.

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