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Book Review: Quitter

Jon Acuff, in case you didn’t know, is the author of the blog Stuff Christians Like, the book Stuff Christians Like, and the book Baby Steps, Gazelles and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me. His most recent work is Quitter. Shortly after his book was released he wrote a guest post on Micheal Hyatt’s blog, and ran a give away contest for the book. I was blessed enough to be among the winners. I am big Jon Acuff fan, and an even bigger fan of his boss, Dave Ramsey.

The book was very prudent to what I’m doing and where I am in doing it. I’ve talked about my dream of making Jesus go Viral, and how I’ve started a company with that as the primary focus. A lot of the book is filled with common sense things, like “don’t quit your day job too early,” “hustle, and work hard on dreams” -- but they are important to remember and often when chasing a dream easy to forget. A lot of the message is couched with in comedic encounters from Jon’s own path, for instance he talks about “the reverse superman” he had to pull in the restroom at his past day jobs when returning from a weekend at his dream job.

What I like is that he talks about the business end and the personal aspects of moving towards your dream job. If you aren’t careful to lay down boundaries, you have the potential to ruin relationships with those that matter most. He talked about some of the stresses that hustling toward his dream job placed on his marriage and on their children.

My personal takes aways is that it time, patience, persistence and a lot of hard work. That you need to focus, and build a tribe if you want to make it to your dream job. Through it all, though, you can’t steal time from family, your current job, or other obligations. I was reading on the bus, when I read about his realization he already had “enough,” that he had everything in life that he needed, and more, without the dream job. I cried, because I realized that I, too, already had “enough.” I’m blessed with a wonderful wife, beautiful daughter, a loving family, a great church family, a roof over our heads and gainful employment. I want my dream, but even if it never becomes reality, I already have "enough."

Maybe that’s what that spirit of unrest and greed I talked about recently is about. I think a lot of people don’t realize what they already have. I know I forget sometimes that I have what I need when I’m thinking about what I want. Keeping that in mind, I can afford to patient, lay the long course, and put in the hours of hard work to get to my dream job.

The book is great, and anyone who can fill in these blanks should read it: “I’m a ________, but I want to be a __________.” Also, if this is a topic that interests you, you should register for the Quitter Conference.

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