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Character Matters

I had another post I was going to write, but I felt called out of the blue to write this post instead. It isn't aimed or inspired by any particular person, but is a topic that was placed on my heart. You often hear people talk about the divide between business. Public and private lives of people. When an elected official has an affair or other moral lapse in the private life, you hear a lot of people judging the media sources that cover the “story.” I don't know how I feel about those sources because most of them are only running the sensationalism of a scandal to get eyeballs on the ad space they sell; but, I do think that the public has right to know.

Now, some have taken to arguing that “it isn't our business,” but I'd have to disagree. I don't need to know all the sorted details, but I need to know if public official is trustworthy. When a man marries a woman, he makes a promise to his wife, either before God or the government of United States. This promise and how he treats it speaks volumes about his character. If a man or woman is willing and able to break a promise to the most important person in their life, then there is nothing stopping them from breaking the promises they make to thousands or even millions of nameless faceless masses. Character does matter. Even the appearance of scandal should be avoided. Where there is smoke, there is often fire, and even if there isn't people will think there is fire.

You and I aren't congressmen or presidents – well, I suppose it is possible that readership includes congressmen or the even President – so, how does this apply to us? Our integrity is worth more than financial gain, and we should endeavor to protect it. We are people with family, coworkers, employers and/or friends, and even to them, your character matters. To your children, your actions will speak louder than your words. My wife and I have always st rived to be moral people of character, but we also no that no one is perfect (at least by God's standard). Life gives us all tests of our moral fiber. I want my daughter to see me doing the right thing, not for gain, reward or out of fear, but because it really is the right thing to do.

When are your thoughts about character, public figures, personal lives and the example you are trying to set?

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